KM colors are clothes, shoes, jewelery and decorative objects designed to brighten your lives and your interiors. Karim develop living, moving clothes, in which they are well and willingly move freely.

The collections are imagined and drawn by a lover of life. Karim is inspired by his African and European origins as well as his many travels. He also draws on his experience as a contemporary-African dancer.


He feeds his creations of his life in Tangier where he chose to land in recent years after living in Casablanca and Dakar. Karim instinctively creates inspired by his encounters and what he perceives and sees walking through the streets of the Tangier Medina as he travels to Berlin, the Drôme Provençale or Thailand. Free from codes, Karim lets go his creativity in shapes and unusual colors.

KM Colors is a sparkling brand designed with authentic quality materials. Fabrics come mainly from Ivory Coast and Senegal. At the origin of the creations, the Wax, king of the African fabrics, is used, alone, or associated with other matters. The clothes, accessories and bags are made by Tangier craftsmen. The shoes are made in Fez from the ancestral know-how of the babouche manufacturers. For jewelery, Karim relies on the creations of one of her friends. The creations of KM Colors are limited series, and sometimes even unique pieces.

Karim opened his first space in Tangier in the Kasbah in 2018. A colorful and warm mini-shop where, when he is in Tangiers, Karim welcomes you with his infectious smile. The KM Colors website was born to allow KM Colors creations to be visible and available to a wider audience.